Tuesday, September 19

11:00am-7:00pmRegistration Desk Open
Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower (Level -2 Lobby)
Paseo de la Castellana, 259 B

7:00pm-10:00pmWelcome Event Sponsored by Cofides
Cofides Headquarters
Paseo de la Castellana, 278​

Remarks by Salvador Marín Hernández, Chairman and CEO, Cofides

Wednesday, September 20

7:30am-8:30am Networking Continental Breakfast
Hotel Eurostars Madrid Towers (Exhibition Hall)

8:30am-9:15am Conference Welcome (Plenary Hall)
Jingdong Hua, Vice President and Treasurer, IFC

Keynote Remarks
Marisa Poncela García, Secretary of State for Trade, Government of Spain

9:15am-10:00am Global Outlook: Are Bullish Markets Confirmed by Strong Emerging Market Fundamentals? 
(Plenary Room)

Presentation by Jean Pierre Lacombe, Director, Global Macroeconomics and Market Research, IFC 

  • What is driving the synchronized macroeconomic rebound in the world economy? 
  • Are global asset markets being fueled by a goldilocks outlook?
  • Do macro and market fundamentals support or undermine the year-to-date rally in emerging market assets?
  • How critical is China’s outlook to emerging markets’ overall performance? 
  • How can investors pick economies with superior growth potential?

10:00am-10:30am Networking Coffee Break​
(Exhibition Hall)

10:30am-11:30am Unlocking Trillions: Mobilizing Investors and Creating Capital Markets for Accelerated Private Sector Development 
(Plenary Room)

Panel discussion with:
Ignacio Domínguez-Adame Bozzano, Global Head-Products, Santander Global Corporate Banking
Jingdong Hua, Vice President and Treasurer, IFC
Donald Kanak, Chairman, Eastspring Investments Ltd.
Veronique Ormezzano, ‎Head, Group Prudential Affairs, BNP Paribas
Moderator: David Marsh, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum

  • Is capital market development a luxury or a necessity to attract investment to emerging markets?
  • What roles can external parties (overseas investors, DFIs, etc.) play to create markets and expedite the development process?
  • What is the typical trajectory of capital market growth, and what are the necessary preconditions to ensure that these markets are both efficient and sufficiently deep? 
  • How can government-led initiatives to develop capital markets ultimately be successful?
  • What countries have had the greatest success in capital market development, and why? 

11:30am-12:30pm Going Global: The Case for Investment Allocation into Emerging Markets
(Plenary Hall)

Panel discussion with:
Clara Chan, Head, Direct Investment, Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Alejandro Espejel, Head, Asset Rotation and Capital Optimization U.S., Santander Global Corporate Banking
Jérôme Haegeli, Managing Director & Head, Investment Strategy, Swiss Re
David Slade, Partner, Allen and Overy LLP
Sergio Trigo Paz, Managing Director & Head, Emerging Markets Fixed Income, BlackRock
Moderator: Georgina Baker, Deputy Treasurer & Director, Syndications, IFC 

  • Is diversifying into emerging markets the way to secure new money deals? Is diversifying into emerging markets the way to secure new money deals? 
  • What are the most effective ways of mitigating political, regulatory, T&C and other risks in EMs? 
  • What recent deals have been successful in emerging and frontier markets, and what traits underpinned this success?
  • What recent changes have been observed in emerging market asset allocation? 
  • What are the new emerging market “hot spots” and how are opportunities evolving?

12:30pm-2:00pmNetworking Lunch Sponsored by Citi
(Exhibition Hall)


Session 1A. Bonds with Impact: The Evolution of Thematic Bonds
(Barcelona III)

Panel discussion with:
Rahul Ghosh, Vice President & Senior Credit Officer, Moody's Investors Service
Stuart Kinnersley, Co-Founder & CEO, Affirmative Investment Management
Sameer Rehman, Director, Fixed Income Origination & Syndication, TD Securities
Rodrigo Robledo, Head of Capital Markets, Instituto de Crédito Oficial
Moderator: Ben Powell, Manager, Funding Operations, Treasury Market Operations, IFC

  • What are the significant characteristics of frequently issued thematic bonds?
  • How can thematic and other innovative bonds mobilize offshore/global investors to fund local projects in frontier markets?
  • What are the benefits to issuing/buying thematic bonds?
  • What is needed to take the thematic bond market from niche to mainstream?

Session 1B. Plugging the Infrastructure Gap: Financing Mega Projects in Emerging Markets
(Barcelona IV) 

Panel discussion with:

Mike Emery, Head of Syndications-EMEA, IFC
Phillip Fletcher, Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP
Jean Lee, Partner, Allen and Overy LLP
Michal Ron, Managing Director, Head of International Business, SACE

Moderator: Bruno Alves, Senior Editor, Infrastructure Investor

  • What does it take to structure, finance and syndicate infrastructure projects in emerging markets?
  • What roles do each of the various stakeholders (lender, arranger, financial advisor and legal counsel) play?
  • What factors contribute to each stakeholder’s success, and what are the key lessons learned?
  • What actions can be taken to close the massive gap in global infrastructure investment? 


Session 2A. Shifting Landscapes: What’s Next for the BRICS Countries?
(Barcelona III) 

Panel discussion with: 
Thierry de Longuemar
, Vice President and CFO, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Leslie Maasdorp, Vice President and CFO, New Development Bank
Francisco Oliveira, Head, Global Markets-Latin America, BNP Paribas CIB
Eric Xie, Head, Corporate Banking, Bank of China Luxembourg
Moderator: Andrew Cross, Deputy Treasurer, IFC

  • What are the current priorities for the BRICS countries? What South-South business is presently occurring?
  • Amid growing differences between India and China, how can the BRICS continue to cooperate? How might major global developments, including the new protectionist agenda in the U.S., affect this cooperation?
  • Facing substantial infrastructure needs, what are the BRICS’ savings positions? Are they able to fund themselves?
  • What do BRICS need from investors? What regulatory changes will be required to increase private investment in BRICS’ priority areas?

Session 2B. Frontier Markets: Opening the Investment Tap
(Barcelona IV) 

Panel discussion with: 

Stephen Bailey-Smith, Senior Economist, Global Evolution
Olivia Carballo, Investment Director, Investec Asset Management
Charles Corbett, ‎Managing Director & Head, Sovereigns & IFs, Leveraged & Structured Solutions-Africa, Standard Chartered Bank
Emmanuel HategekaCOO, Rwanda Development Board

Moderator: Martin Habel, Manager-EMEA, Treasury Client Solutions, IFC

  • What specific needs do low-income and fragile countries have, and how might these needs be met? 
  • To what extent is the global de-risking trend affecting these markets?
  • What steps do companies operating in take to protect their interests?
  • What tools can DFIs like IFC provide to help investors manage non-financial risks and help businesses engage in these countries?
  • Can concessional finance counteract the effects of de-risking?

4:00pm-4:30pmNetworking Refreshment Break
(Exhibition Hall)


Session 3A. Scaling Up: Unlocking Insurance Markets for Emerging Market Corporate Credit
(Barcelona III) 

Panel discussion with:

James Cunningham, Credit & Political Risk Broker, Miller Insurance Services
Herbert Müller, Head, Global Credit Solutions, Munich Re
Edie Quintrell, Director, Underwriting Development, Global Financial Risks, Liberty Specialty Markets
Moderator: Euan Marshall, Head, Co-Investor Solutions, Syndicated Loans & Management, IFC

  • How can insurance capacity support the growth of emerging market lending? 
  • How do practitioners reflect on the current state of play in EMs? 
  • What are the challenges and opportunities to “scale up” corporate credit insurance in these markets?
  • How effectively can insurers leverage both the assets and liabilities sides of their balance sheets to expand exposure to EM corporates?

Session 3B. Crowding In: How to Make Local Securities Markets More Attractive to Private Investors
(Barcelona IV)

Panel discussion with:

Bryan Carter, Head, Emerging Market Debt, BNP Paribas Asset Management
Sudip Chatterjee, Director & Head, Global Capital Markets, Euroclear
Chris Jones, Managing Director and Global Head, Local Currency Syndicate, HSBC
Richard Proudlove, Head of MTNs and Private Placements, ING
Moderator: Alvaro Lario, Head of EM Corporates & Global Sovereigns, IFC

  • What are the regulatory trends in local securities markets? Are national regulators converging or diverging in their approaches?  
  • Do regulatory differences across jurisdictions affect investors’ ability to participate in local capital markets? How will the rules continue to evolve?
  • What are the hallmarks of an efficient and well-functioning local securities market? 
  • Which markets have been most successful at improving financial sector diversification and “crowding in” new investors? 
  • What developments offer the greatest improvements in attractiveness to investors? What vehicles and instruments have the most success at reducing risk? 

5:30pm-7:00pmNetworking Break
(Exhibition Hall)

7:00pm Buses Depart from Hotel Eurostars to Event Venue

7:30pm-10:00pmDinner event Sponsored by Santander
Bolsa de Madrid (Plaza de la Lealtad, 1, 28014 Madrid, Spagna)

Remarks by José Linares, Senior Executive Vice President Banco Santander and Head of Santander Global Corporate Banking

Thursday, September 21

8:00am-9:00amNetworking Continental Breakfast
Hotel Eurostars Madrid Tower (Exhibition Hall)

9:00am-9:30amOpening Remarks: View from the CEO – How Private Banks Can Foster the Mobilization of Both Private Debt and Capital Market Instruments in Emerging Markets (Plenary Hall)
José Antonio Alvarez, CEO, Santander Group

9:30am-10:30amManaging the Mismatch: Leading the Way to Local Currency Financing Solutions 
(Plenary Hall)

Panel discussion with:
Keshav Gaur, Director, Treasury Client Solutions, IFC
Jonathan Grosvenor, Advisor, Office of the Treasurer & Head, Treasury Client Solutions, Asian Development Bank
Etienne Lacroix, Executive Director, Public Sector Group, J.P. Morgan 
Daniel Schriber
, Head of Investments, Symbiotics Group 
Moderator: Jonathan Bell, Editor-in-Chief, TXF Media

  • What are the challenges in getting local currency financing to clients? 
  • Why is local currency important for clients, especially for micro, small and medium enterprises and for infrastructure projects?
  • How could offshore investors use “onshore” capital markets and derivatives markets to access local currency solutions for their onshore investments?
  • What “offshore” tools are available for offshore investors to access local currency financing solutions for their clients in domestic markets?
  • What kinds of structured finance solutions are available to access local currency solutions?
  • What are the challenges in mobilizing local currency investments when co-investors prefer USD returns and project financing is structured in local currency?

10:30am-11:00amNetworking Coffee Break
(Exhibition Hall)

11:00am-11:45amAccessing Debt Capital Markets: How to Grow the Issuer Base and Further Develop DCM 
(Plenary Hall)

Panel discussion with:
Philip Brown, Managing Director, Capital Markets, Citi

Irakli Gilauri, CEO, BGEO Group plc 
Karl Kumbier
, CEO, Mercantile Bank Ltd. 
Meral Ozcicek, Head, FI Relations, Turkiye Sinai Kalkinma Bankasi A.S.
Janne Sevanto, Head-Latin America, Treasury Client Solutions, IFC
Moderator: Jonathan Brandon, Managing Editor, Bonds & Loans

  • What instruments have been most successful in helping clients successfully issue their own debt instruments in both international and domestic capital markets?
  • How can debt instruments be tailored to meet the various needs of both borrowers and creditors/investors?
  • What are the most effective ways to use pension funds and other institutional investors to channel liquidity into new asset classes? 
  • How can debt markets be leveraged to close the huge global financing gaps in sectors such as infrastructure and housing?

11:45am-12:30pmBanking Beyond the BRICS: Opportunities in Emerging Markets
(Plenary Hall)

Panel discussion with:
John R. L. Corrin, Global Head, Loan Syndications, ANZ
Christopher Marks, Managing Director & Head, Emerging Markets-EMEA, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group
Matías Mayora, Managing Director & Head, Sales & Structuring-Continental Europe, Risk Solution Group, Santander
Luca Tonello, Joint General Manager, Head of Project Finance-Asia, Investment Banking Asia, SMBC
Bing Yan, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Banking, Bank of China

Moderator: Stefania Palma, Asia Editor, The Banker 

  • What are bankers’ perceptions of emerging opportunities in Argentina, Kenya, Myanmar and Vietnam?
  • How well are each of these countries attracting foreign investment relative to neighbors and to each other? 
  • What specific opportunities are investors chasing?
  • As capital markets gain (or regain) steam in Argentina and Myanmar, and Kenya and Vietnam move closer to achieving their potential, what do governments still need to do to remove barriers and enable growth?

12:30pm-2:00pmNetworking Lunch Sponsored by ING
(Exhibition Hall) 

2:00pm-3:00pmBalancing Act: How the Next Wave of Banking Rules and Tools Can Promote Flexibility and System Stability
(Plenary Hall)

Panel discussion with:

Alberto Amo Mena, Global Head Asset Rotation and Capital Optimization, Santander Global Corporate Banking
Sabrina Borlini, Global Co Head, Syndications, IFC
Soumilya Datta, Managing Director & CAO, EMEA Corporate Bank, Citi
Jaime Vazquez, Policy Advisor, Institute of International Finance
Moderator: ​Henri D’Ambrieres, CEO, HAD Conseil

  • How should banks plan for the next round of changes, including Basel IV, to minimize impact on emerging markets?
  • How can new regulations balance protecting financial system stability and offering banks flexibility to deploy capital and manage risk?
  • What is preventing other players to counterbalance the lower cross-border financing flows of traditional players? What role can funds and asset managers play in the originate-to-distribute concept, and can this model introduce new players to emerging markets? 
  • Are political forces undercutting regulators’ and banks’ efforts toward harmonization and sending global governance into retreat? 
  • What does a new push for deregulation in the U.S. mean for the wider global banking industry?
  • What are the convertibility challenges and how can these be mitigated most effectively?

3:00pm-3:30pmClosing Remarks
(Plenary Hall)

3:30pm-7:00pmNetworking Break
(Exhibition Hall)

7:00pmBuses Depart from Hotel Eurostars to Event Venue

7:30pm-11:00pmIFC Gala Awards Dinner & Conference Close
Featuring the presentation of IFC partner awards

Castillo de Viñuelas
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